Magnetik music is stepping into 2020 with a new VA

After five years of existence, Magnetik Music label has reached a new milestone and stepped into 2020 with releasing various artist compilation. A selection, carefully selected and crafted by new generation artists that are already stepping under the spotlight attention.

The Magnetik Selection 01 VA was assembled by the label founder – MOBO:

"After 10 years of DJ-ing, collecting and producing music, in 2015 I launched the idea of music label with my friend Dj Dean Deen. This year was an awakening year for me in a sense of realizing how much the art of music means to me. The whole idea of Magnetik is about gathering those who live the life of music and promote the culture and arts.  The philosophy behind the idea is the energy in-between dark and light, silence and noise, soul and spirit. And all of that you can hear in Magnetik selections EP, the tracks represent our path - the love for music. I'm happy to present you Magnetik Music’s latest release the Magnetik Selection VA where I have selected 10 amazing tracks from family artists and new amazing artists."

The compilation features ten beautiful tracks by artists such as Vomee , Convolute, Brlee & Cajhen, Anticyclone , Bruno Longhitano , Clymate , Kiberu Sounds , Vicente Herrera , Hansgod  and Mobo.  

This universal union brings together a bucket full of passion for music and a quality compilation of divergent styles of electronic music enjoyable as well in the car as in the club. Apparently this compilation has already gained a positive response on the dancefloor and support by many artists. Artists featured on this compilation know their musical history and they like to tweak it up and spice it modern, groove it tribal and make it spiritual and deep. The underlying ingredient though is always in their roots, some of them house, some trance, others techno.

Clymate – Catama

A fresh face on Magnetik is a talented Italian producer Clymate delivering a deeply melodic and melancholic track Catama.

Convolute – Encounter

The Netherlands duo is developing into music act that you should definitely keep an ear on. After their successful debut EP they are back on Magnetik with and excellent trancy influenced deep melodic techno track with signature Convolute drive.

Vomee – Impulso

One of the hottest fresh artist in the Melodic Techno world is definitely Vomee and he always amaze us with his innovative compositions and so he did with the Impulso.

Anticyclone - Departure 

With fast drive and sharp melody, Italian duo developed an atmosphere that will push you to dance. Already recognized by world electronic scene these guys will have a bright future. Departure is just the beginning of their trip to the top.

Bruno Longhitano - Tears

Compact techno drive topped with Bruno’s unique style melodic synths is already penetrating the music folders of many big-name artists. “Tears” is circling the scene for a while and will continue to do so, we are sure.

Kiberu – Sambauaie

An old friend of Magnetik Music is back with his signature African house sound spiced with standout deep spiritual vocals and modern synths. Sambauaie is definitely a dancefloor mover or a peak time banger.

Mobo – Amend

A track with a house background and with high energy. Progressive and atmospheric touch in fully abstracted composition.

Brlee & Cajhen – Adapt

The debut release on Magnetik by Brlee and Cajhen is a techno engine with a lot of power. It’s darker but can adapt in various sets.

Hansgod – Flutinette
Dancy classic house sounds, endless funky bass groove and Flutinette’s main theme full of positive vibes is something DJs need in their racks for day time after hours.

Vicente Herrera – Diva

Absolutely beautiful meditative music. For body reset or dancefloor engagement.

By SolvdMag, edited on 15 January 2020