Magnetik Music presents their second festival in Limberk, Griže

The Magnetik Music crew has returned. From last years success, they've put together a second edition of the Magnetik festival, starring on 27th August. The location also stays the same, the magical amphitheatre in Limberk, Griže will provide the positive and spectacular energy one needs to dance away the night

Threw ages, Limberks's amphitheatre has hosted various events, but nothing in the name of electronic music. With no interests in upgrading its culture, the place has even ben forgotten for some time. But last year, the Magnetik crew got an idea. They've decided to use the Roman masterpiece for a one-day festival, where you can hang, participate in different activities and most importantly, listen to good music all day long. Magnetik festival 2015 hosted Coyu, DJ and producer from Suara music label. But this year, they've decided to work on the local and Balkan electronic scene, bringing Petar Dundov, a Croatian born artist, known from his collaborations with the Belgian Music Man label, and performing all over the clubbing scene from Berlin to Ibiza for last 20 years.

The lineup is also full of home goods like Alex Ranerro, Brlee, Mobo, Luke Sampller, Quicker Balance, Dean Deen and man, many more. See the full lineup here. We're happy to announce, that the Magnetik crew invited Solvd magazine to participate at their festival. We'll be hosting the "chill-out" zone, where we'll be interviewing the performing artists. Find us there! Come and join us at the Magnetik festival, where the music meets the universe. Event starts at 10.00; Tickets: 'till 5 pm €9 // after 5 pm €12

By Severin, edited on 13 June 2018