Marko Nastic returns to Baile Musik with a remix

Fuzoku, a deep & dub house oriented duo based in Berlin, just released a fresh EP called "Kabukicho" on a German label Baile Musik. This EP comes with 2 standard original mixes and two strong remixes by label's residents Marko Nastić and Rockwell & Landers. Both originals are well-produced tracks with deeper vibes and solid grooves. The classic 909 snare is giving the A1 track a nice drive while pads are subtly in the background pushing the track forward.

Marko Nastić on the Remix

One of our favourite remixers Marko Nastić, has done a remix of "Kabukicho". He kept the idea of the original by adding just a little bit more darker energy to it. As in a lot of his deeper productions, he managed to successfully add "trippy" glitches and noises that give this remix a more mellow impression. The B2 track is another great original by the German duo. The main ingredient of this track is looped pads combined with delays and reverbs that puts you on a trip throughout the whole seven minutes. Rockwell & Landers were on remix duties for the second track. Their remix is a deep, dark techy track with a minimal groove where synth stab has the main role.

The B2 remix is a kind of a track that could easily be played during the peak time of the night. Overall, we do like this EP quite much and we're looking forward to hearing these tracks on the dance-floors. Make sure you grab a copy if you like it. You can purchase EP HERE


Marko Nastić has been active for more than two decades as one of the top South Eastern Europe performers and has produced more than 200 releases. He’s best known for his superb technical skills behind the decks where he’s always experimenting with new sounds and techniques. Head over to our review of his Raw Pizza EP for more of his original music.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018