Matt Time: "I'm prepared to take the next step!"

Matt Time is a Slovenian based DJ and a producer. He's been active on the local electronic music scene for the past five years and he's been successfully manoeuvring between Techno, Minimal, Deep Tech, and Ambient music. Matt is evolving as a person as well as a musician and he’s searching for ways to make his music reincarnate in a different but familiar sound that he is so passionate about. We visit him in Ljubljana where we spoke about his past, present, and future.

Hi, Matt! How are you and what you’ve been up to lately?

Hi! I’m really great, thank you. Well, lately I’ve been juggling between work, family and putting together the last pieces of the puzzle for my upcoming big project.

Sounds interesting. We'll be talking about the project in a second but before that, can you maybe describe us your beginnings? How did you end up in the electronic music world anyway?

It all started with my father. When I was a kid he was always listening to Kraftwerk, The Beatles, U 96 etc. I always loved his records and how happy they made him feel. When I was about 13 years old I started searching for different artists, styles and that is how I found Deep Dish, Len Faki, Dubfire and UMEK. In a way, the electronic music spoke to me. Being only 14, we sneaked into clubs like K4 and others which had techno nights. I fell in love with the scene and the vibe that these places and people had.

When I went to high school, things at home started to get really rough. I met a friend in school and he introduced me to producing music. So, in order to escape all the madness in our family and my surroundings, I started producing. It was my way to process and cope with things and still is.

You played quite a few Innocent Music showcases and you’ve also released music with them. What is your relationship with the label?

Yes, I did and it was a wonderful trip and experience. Innocent music gave me a chance to be heard by a lot of people. My EPs got a lot of support and recognition because the label is in a good position. Innocent music is and will be a big part of my career as a producer and a DJ; I definitely learned a lot from them.

We’ve noticed that you’ve gone completely under the radar for the last year or so. What was the reason for that?

Well after my gig, which was in Ritter Butzke, Berlin, I started to feel different inside, I looked at things differently. Some kind of process began and I didn't really understand it. I wasn't having fun producing minimal and deep so I became a bit desperate. 2 years ago I met my beautiful fiance Lea. From day one, she wanted me to believe in myself and my intuition. She taught me to love and respect myself for who I am. She believes in me beyond measure and I love her for that.

Through that period I was learning what those feelings meant. I soon realized that I'm prepared to take the next step, which meant producing techno and opening up my own imprint. This year I took my time to find my signature sound and language in this genre. I also come up with a concept for my label.

So all the rumours about starting your own record label are true! Can you tell us a bit more?

It’s called Absorption of Light. I love the dark, conceptual and simple sounds of techno music. The label will be a platform for great music, dreams, and pure feelings. We'll introduce myself and fellow producers that don’t have as much exposure as others in this scene. It'll be about my perspective and approach to life, art, and music. I love life, but I've also experienced it's darker shades. The first release will be out in October so keep your eyes open.

Speaking of art... Just looking through your social profiles, we got the impression that you’re a big fan of art as well. How do you combine art with music?

From my perspective, art is music and music are art. I love architecture, photography, obscure sculptures, and styles. It's all in the eye of the beholder, that's what fascinates me the most. The process of artmaking begins with “what should I create” and how to approach it.

It's valuable to expand your horizons by considering what others artists do and how it makes you feel. Then, you should try to find a way to produce the same or a similar feeling through your medium.

Dance music scene is developing and progressing with incredible speed each day. Where do you see it in a couple of years?

Yes, I agree! It’s happening and changing shapes so fast. It'll continue to develop and to progress to where it should be and I'll grow with it. I hope I'll have a successful label or a platform where people can get information, pleasure, or simply have fun with the music and maybe even learn some things.

You’re one of the rare producers who doesn’t show off his studio environment. Would you be that kind to at least describe it for us?

Yes, I don’t show it... at least for now. It's my special place, a place where I can be creative; It's my own little world. It’s a studio with acoustic treatment, studio monitors, PC / MAC, analog console and some other toys... and a sofa of course hehe. It’s nothing - but something. It feels like home, to me, my friends and customers.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well, I'll make new music for my label and other labels as well. I'll try to get more exposure, gigs as a techno DJ and to complete my personal goals that I've set for this year. But most of all, I'll try to enjoy the process of accomplishing it. 

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018