MENT Ljubljana 2018

MENT Ljubljana, the international showcase festival and conference which focuses on the music industry, art and creativity will take place from Wednesday, 31 January, to Friday, 2 February at different venues in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

A three-day showcase festival returns to Slovenian capital for the fourth time. MENT Ljubljana was recently named the Best Small Festival and Best Indoor Festival by the biggest association of European festivals - Yourope. Alongside MENT, this year’s award winners include EXIT, Sziget, Roskilde, Pohoda, Down The Rabbit Hole, Goodlive (the promotor of Lollapalooza Berlin) and others. The received awards represent major recognition and encouragement for the organisers, audience, co-producers, partners, supporters, the city of Ljubljana and the regional music scene in general.

The award-winning festival takes pride in its small, yet unique and diverse local scene while showcasing carefully selected high-profile international guests and new music talent “from the Balkans to the Baltic and beyond”. Over the period of three days, the festival will take place at 8 different stages around Ljubljana, predominately in Kino ŠiškaMetelkova – Klub K4 - Orto Bar and M Hotel Šiška. 

MENT is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the international music industry trends, distribution of music, digital technologies and to network with more than 200 music experts, agents, musicians, organizers, managers and media representatives. Among many others, it also includes new music forces and genres, such as Icelandic hip-hop, Serbian psychedelia, Lithuanian jazz electronica or avant-garde Slovenian pop.

The first announced key speakers of the conference are Helen Smith, Executive Chair of the IMPALA association of over 4,000 independent publishers, and Seymour Stein, a Vice President at Warner Bros. Records and the co-founder of Sire Records, to which he signed Ramones, Talking Heads, Madonna, Ice-T, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths and others during his illustrious career. The list of confirmed conference speakers also includes Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week), Serene Sass(Warner Music), Mirca Lotz (We Make Waves), Andras Bodrogi (Google Ground), Daniela Grecnerova (Tootoot), Magdalena Jensen (Chimes Agency), Ania Kasperek (Chimes Agency) and Eric Eitel (Music Pool Berlin).

MENT Ljubljana is probably the only event where you can catch the exciting Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets from the increasingly vibrant Polish scene, Danish duo Farveblind, crowned “The Chemical Younger-Brothers” by Clash, the catchy indie pop electronica of Avoid Dave, and the cinematic downtempo of 5K HD, fronted by the expressive voice of Mira Lu Kovacs, all in one place. Ukraine will send on over one of the most interesting representatives of its electronic scene Koloah, Croatia the punk-blues poets M.O.R.T., and Austria the rapper and producer of Syrian origin Mavi Phoenix.

Hungarians Freakin’ Disco practice psycho-jazz and techno, Slovenian Čunfa will surprise you with direct and more complex instrumental beats, Serbians Threesome serve up loud, explosive surf music, and Belarusians Weed & Dolphins combine the seemingly incompatible. And as MENT rhymes with Ghent, this year’s line-up is again spiced up by Ghent rock madness, launched in February 2017 by Raketkanon and continued a year later by Shht.

Source & Photo @ment_ljubljana

By Matic, edited on 30 May 2018