Mihai Popescu with fresh EP on Steppin' Motion

Romanian producer and DJ Mihai Popescu will soon release a debut EP on a newly established record label called Steppin' Motion. This new vinyl-only imprint is based in Paris and managed by Swoop. As the label statted, Steppin' Motion aims to promote music as an Art, as something beautiful that gets your body and soul in Motion. This debut EP is in two parts, showcasing both sides of the label.

The first one brings two dance-oriented tracks by Mihai, while the second part will be more soul/beauty oriented. Mihai has been part of the electronic music scene since 2012, releasing on labels like Soulsity, RORA and Bass Culture. His forthcoming vinyl-only release will be out on 27th April via Steppin' Motion.

Mihai Popescu - Still 1 Measure EP Part.1

The debut release features two original tracks that have Mihai's ID written all over them. We almost have a sense of feeling that Romanian producers can't go wrong when it comes to their signature minimalistic yet house-based tracks. "Selfsuficient" will be found on A-side and it got us moving with groovy bass-line which works smoothly with the organic drum pattern. This track has a rather heavy swing but it works really well, especially on hats. Jazzy influenced melodic plucks and stabs gives this track a sweet balance which will surely take over dance-floors.

B-sided tune "Neasteptat" shares the similar analogue warmth, especially in the lower frequencies where dubby sub provides the fundamentals. We have to say that sometimes EP works better if tunes in it aren't that similar, but with Mihai's EP, we can say the opposite. Swingy hats are shifting all over the place but still perfectly in sync with the delayed stabs. Overall a pretty good debut release on fresh imprint which will surely caught attention.

The release will be available from 27th April onwards via Subwax Distribution HERE.

Artist: MP (Mihai Popescu)  Title: Still 1 Measure EP – Part 1  Label: Steppin' Motion  Cat No: SMR001  Format: 12” Vinyl Only Tracklist:  A. Selfsuficient  B. Neasteptat

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018