Monetic with fresh EP on Cyclic Records

As a digital electronic music magazine, we strive towards finding new fresh sounds by up and coming artists. These past few fogy days in Ljubljana were perfect for searching new secret weapons, that's why we've decided to expose one of our recent discoveries. Monetic is an artist from Vladivostok, Russia and he had his first release back in 2014. Since then, he's been actively releasing tracks on labels such as Techsoul Records, Disclosure Crew, Tenampa Recordings, Tretmuehle and others. But it was his recent EP, which will be soon released on Cyclic Records, that caught our attention. The label is owned by Romanian deep house maestro, Mihai Popoviciu and just by listening to Monetic's EP, you can hear why it will be released on Mihai's label.

Contact EP

So now it's time to focus on the EP itself. "Contact" is an opening track of this EP and it's a really good tune. We really enjoyed how the pads and stabs are nicely combining, moving back - forth and making a nice atmosphere. The subtle groove and dark vocals are giving the track its drive that takes you on an easy journey. "100 Lives" is the second track and it is a bit deeper than the first one. We can imagine a daylight party on the beach while drinking a lovely cocktail and gently grooving with this track. Once again, the main part is synth cuts that we could listen all day long. If we have to select our favourite track, than this has to be "Inner Talk", which is the last track of the EP. The groove is really simple yet efficient, but it's those stabs and pads that makes the difference. It feels like the melodic parts are talking to each other, translating a story and we can clearly understand that.

Monetic made quite an interesting EP with simple tracks that are on point. We've always admired tracks with extra emotions and "Contact" EP is truly an emotional experience. EP will be available via all major digital stores from 21th December onwards. We will keep an eye on Monetic and his further work, because we do believe that there is bright future for him.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018