Music Reactions meets Technokunst

Music Reactions organization will host their first event in 2018 at one of Belgrade's finest venues, Drugstore. The local crew will present the Hungarian DJ duo, DORK and ISU, who are legendary residents of Budapest “techno cathedral” – club LÄRM. Besides that, they are also the founders of Technokunst group whose name describes them best - "techno art".

Technokunst at Drugstore

Technokunst is an organization and also the biggest international techno club project in Hungarian capital city. They are famously known for their innovative and bold bookings which brought rising stars as well as techno titans to Budapest. Ben Clock, Marcel Dettmann, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims,  Ø [PHASE], Perc, I Hate Models, SNTS are just some of the acts that performed at Technokunst. Dork has been actively spinning music since 1996 and she's one of the DJ's that helped build Hungarian electronic music scene. She successfully manages to express the powerful yet meditative boundary of her human-centred techno. Isu & Dork united back in 2010 when they've sought for a new platform to share their ideas on techno; that is how Technokunst came to life with the expressed aim of bringing quality - instead of commercial - techno back to Hungary. Head down to Drugstore On Friday 16th of February to hear Hungarian Technokunst DJ's which will be joined by Music reactions residents RAR and Betomeng.

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018