Niko Maxen to introduce debut EP on Phörus

Niko Maxen, a Leeds based DJ, producer, and label owner will soon release his new EP on the newborn Phörus record label. This UK producer has been crafting his house sound mixed with minimalistic feeling and groovy rhythms which got him releases on labels Fantastic Friends Recordings, Shadow Sanctuary, Tzinah and his own Pathway Traxx. The forthcoming EP will be released as a vinyl and it features three original tracks from Niko.

Niko Maxen - Khonsu EP

"Aten" is the first track on the release which will be appreciated by DJ's that love groovy tracks with subtle ambient feeling. A pretty solid groove is nicely layered with pads and synth stabs while background melody brings out emotions. Second track "Ptah" follows the idea and mood of the A1 tune with laid back drum pattern which works well with a stabby low end. The softly Lfo-processed pad introduces another dimension while glitchy sounds cause a perception of depth. 

B side is reserved for track "Khonsu" which we believe is understandable the leading tune of this EP. While Niko kept the drums on a relatively basic level, is the mixture of bass, melodic stabs and texture sound that makes the difference. It's a kind of tune that you could hear during a warm-up session or even better, at the after party.

The debut EP from Niko on Phörus will be a superb starting point for this newly established Spanish record label. We'll be looking forward to hearing his future releases while still paying attention to the fresh imprint and their forthcoming material. The Khonsu EP will be out in the following weeks and you'll be able to get it via all major online vinyl shops.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018