NTFO to release EP on their own imprint

Romanian duo NTFO will be soon releasing their brand new EP on their own Sintope imprint. The label has two roots in which Sintope Digital focuses on delivering only digital format while the other one, Sintope Vinyl Serie delivers physical copies. The 10th vinyl release comes from labels bosses and it features two originals plus a stunning remix from French talent Djebali.

NTFO - Galore EP

A1 side contains the opening tune "Galore" which has a firm groove laid down with swingy bass-line. Background pads are making it a bit more dynamical whilst breakdown brings out the dark pitched down voice. Djebali's remix of "Galore" can be found on the B1 side and it's a stripped down version of the original. He maintained the similar vibe with a focus on delivering a dance-floor weapon. The groove is straight four to the flour with a slight swing that brings out subtle percussions and shakers. B2 features the second original cut called "Sin Plu". This one fits nicely in the whole package with a strong rhythm and indirect synth sounds that are bringing up the tension.

Overall, this is definitely a worth mentioning EP that continues the Sintope policy of groovy tracks which will surely be played among loads of DJ's. The exact date of the release is still yet to be announced. Make sure you check out their social channels for more details regarding the release.

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018