Onur Özer to headline od:vod - a fresh new festival in Slovenia connecting currents in music and arts

The banks of two beautiful Slovenian rivers will be occupied by festival od:vod in the first weekend of September.

First of its kind, this lovely festival promises to offer a broad range of contemporary electronic music which will connect various genres in harmony. Escape from reality and unwind at one of the most beautiful locations for this out-worldly experience. Do not resist the current as it can wash you up into corners of undiscovered music worlds.

The organizers invited more than 30 DJs and live acts to showcase their skills for this unforgettable musical and visual invasion.

One of the biggest names of this long list of talents has got to be Turkish DJ veteran Onur Özer.

Every so often astonishing sounds get invented to please our senses. Beginning his career in the late nineties in a city defined by cultural diversity, Istanbul, Onur Özer grew intensely preoccupied juggling genres into a ranging musical experience combining many electronic genres like electro, rave, techno, and trance. Playing unique and memorable sets one after another is how he slowly started to reinvent what would later define the club scene of his native place. 

So much talent from various DJ crews in Slovenia coming together to celebrate good music, art and great times with happy people for this special three-day event.

Other names to grace the decks throughout the festival weekend are Dojaja, Symann & Ulix, Evano, Woo D, Organon, Lavka, Nitz, Roiss, Disco Durum, Vuka, Mayell, Rokko, Fraku, Kosta, Shekuza, Just υs, Evident, Lara, Bossu, Tim Kern, Brt Čutul, Simex, Tzena, and Eliaz. Also, expect to hear some of the best live acts in the region like Octex, Jan Kinčl Zero & Regis Kattie, Zergon, Peter Jenko and Mantain.

Slovenia is known for its beautiful destinations and the entirety of Tolmin is definitely worth exploring. 

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018