Duo Pan Pot talks about techno, Adriatic festivals and more.

 “I can’t tell you about the longest party but I will never forget a survival training during my military service. It lasted three days without any sleep!”

Only days after the echoing bus tour that has taken them through selected German cities to Time Warp, we caught up with Berlin-based masters of techno Pan-Pot, deejays, producers and head honchos of Second State record label. Tassilo and Thomas will headline the opening event of this year’s Adriatic festival season, Labyrinth Istria in Poreč, Croatia, which is declaring 36hours of non-stop techno action at the seaside resort on April 26th-28th, with a great selection of regional selectors and some further international star guest such as Berghain / Panoramabar elder Marcel Fengler.

Sometimes I get a feeling everything was already done in electronic music and that now we’re just recycling and mashing up electronica with other genres. Is there still room for progress in techno – if yes: does it rely more on human or technology?

Tassilo: Well, for me techno stands for evolution, development and progress. It starts with new technology in software and hardware. Right now, we’re having a wave of super hard and fast techno. It has been here before of course, hard and fast, but today's’ sound is definitely new and fresh. That’s due to the fact that the human beings behind are working with new technology, analogue hardware and new ideas. I believe that this is quite innovative.

Labyrinth Istria is a 36 hours non-stop techno party at the seaside. What was the longest party you’ve done? 

Thomas: I can’t tell you about the longest party but I will never forget survival training during my military service. It lasted three days without any sleep!

Labyrinth Istria is the first event of the new Adriatic festival season, where you are a regular feature. What is that little something that it makes it worth for a party-goer travelling to this destination? 

Tassilo: I love the people, the nature, the amazing weather and the kind of freshness of the events. It doesn’t have this feeling of "been there, seen it, done it all".

Second State is one of the partners in Beats in School class of 2019. Why did you get involved although you’re very busy with your own projects? 

We’re constantly looking for new talents and potential new Second State artists. And this collaboration with Beatport is also on a continuous level. So, this format made sense for us from the beginning. The artist we chose seems to be a great choice and we’re looking forward to working with him. We definitely are able to give advice concerning the music business, producing and career building.

How important in your line of work is the element of fun and how does that reflect?

Tassilo: For us, fun is almost the most important aspect of our life including work and career. Without having fun existence, in general, doesn’t make sense for us. Even if our music doesn’t sound like "fun" or "funny" it is fun for us doing it. And obviously, if you watch us performing, we look like having fun.

You’ve paid respect to Keith Flint on your socials. What in the opus and presence of the Prodigy is that it makes them a very special act? 

Tassilo: The Prodigy certainly is THE most important band in electronic rave culture. The way they combined their UK breakbeat/drum & bass sound with rave hooks and the outstanding vocal parts in combination with their live shows is outstanding. For me, they defined the word "rave". And Keith Flint as their face was always an icon. Not just the way he performed but also the combination of his shocking look and his lovely, humble and always polite behaviour. He is missed!

Thomas: I can only agree with Tassilo. Keith was a legend and won’t be forgotten within the world of electronic music. I just recently saw the Prodigy playing in Berlin. His death still feels unreal to me.

Germany also has a legendary rave band. Scooter are finally coming to Slovenia after 25+ years of waiting in October, sooooo… Could you imagine doing something with HP Baxxter and guys or are your music realms too much apart?

Tassilo: I can totally imagine doing something with them. They are a big part of electronic music evolution. It’s just a matter of finding a good consensus for both parties.

By Gregor, edited on 17 April 2019