Per Hammar & Patrick Siech launch Euromix

Esteemed DJs and producers Patrick Siech and Per Hammar have announced the launch of their new audio engineering and mix-down service Euromix, which will specialize in crafting and fine-tuning club-music specifically. The service is designed for budding house and techno producers who need that final push to craft and fine-tune their projects so that they’re ready to be signed to a label, and of course fit for the dance-floor.

Euromix is unique in that the music has full attention from two different engineers across two differently equipped studios, one in Malmö and the other in Berlin. The projects all pass through the sound of both studios and get tested on a separated powerful club-standard PA system. This is to ensure that the tracks are finished to perfection and ready for any club setting.

For over 15 years Per Hammar and Patrick Siech have been developing their mix techniques by playing their music out on a weekly basis on different dancefloors. They understand what it takes to set a crowd in motion and their own productions have been released on labels spanning between Drumcode, Semantica, and Parabel in the techno realm, to Infuse and Per Hammar’s own Dirty Hands, 10YEARS, and De Vloer imprints in the house realm.

Upon request, they will also be offering producers one-on-one mixdown and engineering sessions in either of the Berlin and Malmö studios, for those producers looking for more of a tutorial style service.
Euromix offers Stem Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Education & Mentoring to take your project to the next level, please visit for full details and pricing.
By Saša, edited on 17 September 2020