Petar Dundov and Gregor Tresher with EP on Mood Records

Two electronic music veterans once again joined forces to create their debut EP on Nicole Moudaber's Mood Records. German-based Gregor Tresher and Croatian legend Petar Dundov have previously released their collaborations on Break New Soil, Cocoon and Music Man. Their latest EP comes in as a package of three original tunes with their distinctive sound.

Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov - Metamorphing EP

"Sphinx" has the strong groove which slowly brings up the tension with precise drum programming and deep synth riffs. The breakdown shifts perfectly from the mystical areas and pushes it slowly into the uplifting zone which will take over the dance floor. The second tune "Silo" presents a somewhat majestic, trippy theme as echoed chimes shimmer over a deep penetrative groove rising and rising to a destination that only comes into view once you’re past the point of frenzied return.

Last but not least, it's the grand finale and the "Metamorphing" track. The record is one of those that you could simply listen forever. The atmospheric intro smoothly brings in the cosmic arpeggiator which takes you new heights while background pads make the whole arrangements splendid. Simple, on point, magnificent, somehow minimalistic but yet full of life with constantly moving sounds back and forth.

This collaboration is one of those which never really disappoints. EP brings us three strong tunes with "Metamorphing" being a masterpiece. The EP was released on 20th October via Mood Records and you can already purchase it HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018