Petar Dundov is set to release new album At the turn of Equilibrium

Peter Dundov announced the release of his fifth studio album called ‘At the turn of Equilibrium’ in May this year! The album will be released on 13th May on the Belgian and Peter's home label, Music Man. It covers his whole experience, as well as the quality of production, based on previous albums. In this one, as reported by Resident Advisor, Peter Dundov is exploring and expanding the collection of moods and themes.

The album consists of eight items, but apparently, it's structured so that it runs as a continuous DJ set. The album’s impassioned opener, ‘Then Life’, starts the release off by taking us on a captivating journey of complex melodies and soothing ambient textures. The album continues by showcasing a wealth of hypnotic masterpieces such as the dark and slow-burning ‘The Lattice’ the thought-provoking ‘Before It All Ends’ and the Kraftwerk-esque ‘Midnight Orchestra’.

Other highlights include the Vangelis-influenced up-tempo groover ‘Mist’, the lush ambient soundscape ‘New Hope’, the uplifting and emotional ‘Missing You’ and the hugely stimulating, synth-driven melodic work-of-genius ‘Everlasting Love’. Developed like a well-constructed DJ set, the album has not only been designed to invoke personal insight for music to be the catalyst for understanding but also to make sense as a listening experience, highlighting Dundov’s unparalleled talent, depth and versatility as a DJ/producer. You could also hear Dundov at  Time Warp this year in Mannheim.

By Marko, edited on 30 May 2018