Pete Tong gets familiar with NI Maschine at Point Blank

The legendary Pete Tong recently stopped at Point Blank's London school for a crash course in making music with Native Instruments’ Maschine. He linked up with school's expert Maschine instructor, Paul Ressel, for an intensive one to one session. Check out the short video and don’t forget to take a look at Point Blank's Maschine course which can also be taught as part of BA (Hons) Degree programme.

It's All Gone Pete Tong

Pete Tong has been one of dance music’s most prominent champions, beginning with his early career as a soul DJ at BBC Radio Medway and Invicta Radio. However, it was with the early electronic music of the rave era that Tong became a household name, as integral to the scene as Messrs Rampling and Oakenfold, the latter of which coined the now ubiquitous rhyming-slang phrase: "it’s all gone Pete Tong".

He moved to Radio 1 at the beginning of the 90s, and his Friday night show became the most iconic radio broadcast to cover dance music, an accolade which hasn’t been surpassed today. Here, he launched the Essential Mix, and supplying one remains one of the biggest milestones in a DJ’s career, with recent iconic entries coming from the likes of Midland, Nicolas Jaar and Helena Hauff. He’s visited us before, and as always it was a pleasure to have the lord of dance in the building.

Whilst Pete Tong has learnt the basics and some of the many tricks and features on the new Maschine Mk 3, Point Blank teaches students everything from the very basics of setting up your unit, making beats, arrangement, sampling and synthesis, right the way through to live performance in their comprehensive 3-month course.


By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018