Pheromone Blue to release single with remixes on Sincopat

Pheromone Blue is a project that combines three producers, DJ's and sound engineers into a unique electronic music group based in Madrid, Spain. Mario Ramos Jr, Iker Ramos and Fernando Delgado came from a different background of working on various musical and live performance projects. They've merged their interests into an uncatalogued type of electronic music, rich of influences from rock, jazz and fusion. Their debut single "She Moves at Night", which will be released on Sincopat, comes with a strong remix package that includes AFFKT, beGun, Dimitri Veimar and PHB.

Pheromone Blue - She Moves at Night

The trio's premiere release on Sincopat is a stunning downtempo tune with a strong indie influence. The mellow vocal is perfectly surrounded with pads and synths which moves you straight into another dimension. On the other side, slow, organic beat gives it just a right amount of rhythm. The first remix comes from labels boss AFFKT and his version is already looking towards dance podiums. He successfully kept the idea and theme of original, but he managed to add a slight dose of 4/4 grooves.

The second remix comes from yet another Spanish based producer, beGun. His translation was focused on preserving mellow atmosphere which he smoothly layered with a soft low end. We love how the kick pattern shifts in the middle of the track to a more classical groove. Dimitri Veimar went a couple degrees deeper on his version. As his colleagues, he added club based drum elements with precision. He maintained the original design but he upgraded it with a catchy acid line which brings up the tension.

The last remix comes from Pheromone Blue but under a changed alias; PHB. This version impersonates their inner techno voices. They've pitched up bpm's and they've also added darker groove with a lovely swing. With this remix, the trio showed and proved their versatility.

The bands first single will positively stand out from every day's electronic music with a great quality and unique idea, while all remixes just make this release a perfect package and a must-have piece. "She Moves at Night" was released on 22nd September via Sincopat. You can get your copy HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018