Philipp Lichtblau launches Movin' with first release

Movin' is a relatively fresh record label and event series launched by Austrian artist Philipp Lichtblau. After a couple of successful parties at Pratersauna in Vienna where they've hosted Lee Burton, Livio & Roby, Aney F. and Seb Zito, Movin' recently announced their debut vinyl release. The EP features two original tracks from Philipp and a pack of great remixes from Ben Rau & Lee Burton.

Philipp Lichtblau - We Are Movin' EP

"We Are" is the first track from Philipp and it's a lovely fusion of deeper melodies and groovier drums. A Berlin-based producer Ben Rau worked on the remix of the first tune. He kept the similar vibe and added a slightly rougher touch to it. Acid kind of bass line gives the tune a wicked rhythm which will clearly work well on the dance floors. "Movin'" is reserved for the B side of this vinyl only release. We instantly noticed how 909/808 influenced toms are dominating the lower end of this tune while on the other side synths are giving it a more organic feel.

Lee Burton took over the remix duties on this one. His version has got swing written all over the place, period. The track is just grooving in its own way with soft but bright hats while dubby synths let emotions out.

Philipp Lichtblau started MVN001 with style and quality which definitely makes us want to hear more from this newly formed label. Both originals, as well as remixes from Ben & Lee, are perfect for the long sessions, after hours, beach parties,... you name it. The release will be available soon via all major online vinyl stores.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018