PLAYdifferently: Richie Hawtin presents MODEL 1 mixer

Richie Hawtin has always been one of the ambassadors when it comes to combining his knowledge of technology with his music. The new PLAYdifferently Model 1 mixer he’s worked hard to bring to life with the tech expert that is Andrew Rigby Jones, a former head designer at Allen & Heath, finally sees the light of day. Over the past two years, the pair have been developing and testing their first prototype of the mixer that they feel is missing from the professional segment of the market. The mixer being assessed at various leading worldwide events including ENTER.Ibiza, Glastonbury Festival, PLAYdifferently own Boiler Room event in Berlin, the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and many others.

"The ethos of Play Differently is to create products that will magnify the individuality and expand the creativity of today’s generation of electronic music artists, producers and DJs. We started the PLAYdifferently project to emphasize the quality of sound and give artists an alternative way of mixing and performing. With so many unique characters in the Electronic Music scene, it’s up to each of us to find the tools that allow us to magnify unique musical perspectives. Throughout the ‪#‎Prototypes tour we watched each of the performing artists handle our Mixer in their own way and we had the pleasure of speaking with them about what drives their approach in the search for their own sonic identity. Through their words and performances we can hear how their individuality shines through as each of them strives to PLAYdifferently." – Richie Hawtin

It’s a 6-channel professional mixer designed for use in a nightclub environment by professional DJs and producers – not exactly for your average local DJ. Don’t feel discouraged byitss price and excluded if you’re not a superstar or a close friend of Richie’s. They’ll make the mixer available for testing at their public presentations, where they’ll be giving demos and giving everyone the chance to try it out with your own music (including yourself) and find out why artists and DJs are switching to MODEL 1. ‘My weapon of choice. The PLAYdifferently#MODEL1 analog performance mixer. Full details at’ – Loco Dice

How is it different to any other mixer out there?

MODEL 1 is a purely analogue mixer featuring technology normally found in the finest studio consoles, such as a fully balanced mix buss, zero crossing detection for seamless filter & master EQ routing, along with high voltage differential power rails. It has a unique offering of six fully featured input channels, plus two stereo returns in a small format frame. It has many features not currently available on any comparable device, such as Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, dual cue system, dual mixer linking system, and a fully balanced Tascam DB25 connector system. 

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018