Premiere: Gloved Hands - Ice Cream

Gloved Hands - Ice Cream [Soundhitectures]
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California based Gloved Hands presents his second EP and debut on Soundhitectures, digitally out this Friday. The Western Fence EP is packed with four pacific house vibe tracks, full of soothing hazy pads, crunchy drums, buoyant melodies, and ample groove. It sounds nostalgic with a specific late-night summer melancholy running through all of 'em, but with a constant feeling of warmth and yearning. Ice Cream is the last track of the package and exactly like others, deploys a strategically placed vocal samples, punchy groove and low-key floating melodies rounded with a lot of low end that will make your head float at the party or push your thoughts away on a long coastline drive.

By SolvdMag, edited on 16 August 2018