Premiere: JUST2 - Zipper Dipper

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Shake recordings is dropping a killer 'Zipper Dipper EP'  - produced by JUST2 - that will surely hit a lot of dancefloors around the world. The self-titled track Zipper Dipper caught our ears and we were fortunate enough to premiere it on our Soundcloud. The track has a powerfull groove & bass that yells classic tech-house - but you can quickly recognize this is not just another filler. It's accompanied by the deep arp that follows through the whole track and just keeps you wanting more. It breaks open in the middle and continues to gently push all the way to the end.  Keep'em coming JUST2! Zipper Dipper EP will be released on Shake recordings on  29th August.

By SolvdMag, edited on 13 June 2018