Premiere: Justin Pak, Max Casebolt - Rig

Justin Pak, Max Casebolt - Rig [Alleged]
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US producer Justin Pak has once again teamed up with his UK fellow Max Casebolt to produce a fresh four-track EP that will soon land on a Frankfurt-based Alledged music label. After their previous successful collaboration which resulted in releasing a single via Blind Vision records, the duo produced two original tunes with a string of remixes from Tom Jay & Mark Mackenzie. The EP will be out exclusively via Traxsource from 21st July onwards.

"Justin Pak, Max Casebolt - Rig"

This EP has a lovely deeper vibe with a powerful groove and smooth dynamics. "Rig" is the second original tune on the package and it's a nice mixture of solid drum rhythms and melodic cuts. Synths and stabs are slowly moving back and forth throughout the whole track which gives it a steady flow and a great vibe. This track is perfect for early warm-up slots or either late after hour sessions.

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018