Premiere: Noha - Europa

Noha - Europa [Panick Panick!]
6246 299

The fifth release from Noha’s PanickPanick! label comes at us from the label head himself. The Europa EP has already won heavy support from a slew of house and techno’s biggest names already,  putting the lead track in heavy rotation in recent sets. “Originally”, says Noha, “I wanted to keep ‘Europa’ as a secret DJ weapon. The idea behind the name of the track is that it depicts my home, Europe. I keep on travelling and moving, without really feeling Italian or belonging to any particular culture”. Now firmly based in Berlin (where he’s recently become a part of the Anonymous Souls collective alongside other local-based talents such as Per Hammar, S.A.M and Matthew Dekay), ‘Europa’ is a truly exceptional slide of dramatic house music - and an undisputedly catchy jam that’s been tailor-made with blissful dancefloor moment in mind.

By Saša, edited on 25 March 2019