Radius 2: A new 2-channel rotary analog DJ mixer

Two British companies, MasterSounds and Union Audio, have teamed up to create the simple-but-unique Radius 2 DJ mixer. For the last couple of years, we're noticing a huge popularity of DIY and custom made MIDI controllers, which is now being slowly overpassed by a new trend; Rotary mixers that are built by individuals or small independent companies.

New Trends

Recent studies are showing us that most DJ's & producers are slowly moving away from "digital only" world and are cleaning the dust from their hardware devices. In that case, it makes sense, why are rotary mixes suddenly becoming ultra popular. In the early 80's & 70's, rotary mixes were essential as there weren't much clubs and also any good alternatives.

Thru the years, clubbing scene became bigger and in order to follow the demand, they've come up with linear fade mixer's, which were built from cheaper materials. So now, when this "vintage" era is slowly coming back, rotary mixers are becoming more and more popular in electronic music scene. Let's have a quick look at the Radius 2 rotary analog DJ mixer. It is a compact two-channel mixer, which is available in either black or silver colour. The two companies focused on the overall quality of the mixer and added only necessary things. Here’s what the manufacturers said about it.


  • “a fantastic clean, open and dynamic sound” on both Line and RIAA/Phono inputs
  • easy to read VU meters (analog needles instead of lights)
  • a three-band Master EQ/Isolator
  • a “smooth natural sounding” hi-pass filter per channel
  • AUX Send/Return loop for adding on external effects
  • Record Out (RCA)
  • Booth Out (1/4″)


The price is set at $1,467 and $1,651 for a higher specification version, which is yet to be revealed. It is definitely not cheapest out there, but we have to understand that these mixer's are not mass-produced, which allows them to truly hand check every part of the design in order to maintain the high level of quality. Check out their WEB page for more details about orders and other interesting things.  

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018