Rakija presents 002

Rakija series was developed by Serbian prodigy Marko Nastić. Within this vinyl only series, Marko is exploring the beauties and boundaries of electronic music. After the highly successful debut release, which was out last year, Rakija is back with another superb record that will surely be the perfect follow up.

Unknown Artist - Rakija002

Rakija series is dedicated to vinyl only releases and "002" comes in as a beautiful purple record which will shine perfectly on a pair of decks. The whole EP is a bit more orientated toward dancefloor action with shifty grooves and organic rhythms. "A" side of the record is a tune which is heavily built around drum groove and it is nicely combined with a dynamic sub bass-line. When you add a typical Marko's glitches and hypnotic touches, you get a perfectly balanced track.

"B" sided tune is a little bit slower on the BPM which gives it a slightly laid back feeling. Once again, the core of this record is a strong and dominant groove but on the other side, it's perfectly softened with a pinch of elegant melodies and magical vocals.

Rakija 002 will definitely live up to expectations and it'll be a massive summer weapon across dance-floors. The EP was released at the end of May and it's available via all major online vinyl shops such as Deejay.de and others.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018