Robert Owens & Ale Castro to release EP via Love & Loops records

Love & Loops records will soon be back with their third instalment. The label owned by Argentinian Ale Castro was formed a little more than a year ago and have released music from Bs As Deep, Franco Strato, Gruuv' just to mention few. The latest release is a collaboration between a legendary house musician and vocalist Robert Owens and label's boss Ale Castro. The duo, who met in Berlin, also invited the galactic keyboard master Stephanos who added his beautiful arrangements. The release features three original tracks and a remix from another South American native, Manuel Sahagun.

Robert Owens & Ale Castro feat. Stephanos - I Come To You EP

"I Come To You" has a lovely combination of roughness mixed with organ keyboard and smooth vocals from Robert. The basic yet quite uplifting techy groove is layered by saw bass-line that is softened by jazzy vocal. "Humanity & Reality" brings out swingy rhythm build on "subby" low end that is nicely working with stabby pads and vocal add-ons. The piano breakdown introduces summer vibes with a pinch of UK touch.

B-side is reserved for a tune "Work It". The original has a bit deeper mood focused on vocal lead while funk-ish bass produces subtle motion that works well with soft background pads. Manuel Sahagun re-worked the original record with adding a bit of club feel to it. The lovely piano riffs work as a contrast to more dubby groove and it definitely delivers positive energy.

The third Love & Loops release continues to spread house influenced bits focused on preserving a dose of emotion. Strong vocals, a killing organ riffs and rough 4/4 groove are a perfect combination for long summer nights. The release will be available as a vinyl-only from 5th March onwards. You can already pre-order your copy HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018