#saveAmbasadaGavioli: ravers start a campaign in attempts to stop the club from closing

The fate of one of the most unique 2000-capacity discotheque of the Adriatic region and beyond seems to be sealed. Who knows what the future will bring? Masses of ravers, dancers and visitors of the club throughout all the years - from all around the region are determined the fight for their beloved club is not over.

Mercator who was the last owner of the premises announced to have sold the club to a new owner - Elektro Turnšek Real Estate Company. Fetch The Vibe team who ran the “Cathedral of luxurious colours” for the last two decades already announced their retreat 2 months ago. They will be are throwing their last farewell parties. After that, Ambasda Gavioli as we know it will cease to exist. Ravers from all around the Adriatic region are rushing to sign the petition to save the infamous super club. In the time span of 15 hours, there are nearly 5.000 people who have joined the Petition's Facebook group, promptly named #saveAmbasadaGavioli.

If you also believe in this cause and want to #saveAmbasadaGavioli you can sign the petition HERE. 

In the past years, Ambasada Gavioli was marked with numerous polemics and critiques and consequently with many prejudices and stigmatization. The sole purpose of the Cathedral of luxurious colours is to connect with the music, people and the energy that you can sense the same moment you walk through the front door. Numerous artists who had the chance to perform there were always pleasantly surprised by its looks and energy and they were always happy to come back. There were a lot of times when the DJs wrote on their social media, naming it one of the best discotheques they have ever performed in.
Ambasada Gavioli is a Slovenian nightclub located in Izola. It is named after its architect Mr. Gavioli. Since 1995 when it opened, Ambasada Gavioli has become the focal point of the Electronic music community in Slovenia, Northern Italy, Southern Austria and North-West Croatia, achieving almost a cult following the appeal in the scene. In the cultural context, many people see the venue and the movement it created a display of new cultural strength of the independent Slovenia. The club was also intensely famed by the media due to its edgy provocative image, which has been carefully maintained by its Public Relations department, further reinforcing its futuristic cult-like appeal. This unique place is the cradle of the Slovenia's electronic music scene, which is now well-known in Europe and worldwide. We can't continue without mentioning two of the most important Slovenian DJs Valentino Kanzyani and Umek, who both played enormous parts in the club history and are now at the top of many world's famous music charts.

 Watch the documentary about the infamous Ambasada Gavioli.

One of the best memories for us has got to be Luciano playing the 18th birthday celebration. You can stream his set below.

By Andrej, edited on 14 November 2017