Saytek lead us throught new Roland TR-8S machine

The latest product from Roland manufacturer, TR-8S, includes every sound from the most sought-after TR drum machines, the 808, 606, 909, 707, 727, and even several modified versions. Point Blank managed to get their hands on the unit for this first look video with the live performer and Point Blank expert instructor Saytek, who teaches Electronic Music Performance at their school.

Saytek’s demo starts us off by showing some of the effects and live performance elements using a pattern he put together during his brief testing time with the unit. Each sound now has its own fader which opens up some exciting new performance possibilities, and you can drop effects at a local and global level. The SD card slot also means that importing sounds and samples are now a possibility for the first time, whilst extra outputs mean you can send different channels to different third-party units such as the SH-01 Boutique. Saytek is all about the live performance, so its no surprise that he’s really into these new features – but the unit has also sacrificed none of its suitability for studio work, which is perhaps the biggest draw of all.

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By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018