Scalameriya on Perc Trax with 'Kepslok' EP

Perc Trax, the label run by Ali Wells, AKA Perc, welcomes back Scalameriya for his second EP on the label. The Perc Trax Ltd imprint is the most dancefloor focused of Perc Trax's three labels. Last time Scalameriya joined forces with the Italian VSK for 'Haka' but now he flies solo serving us three acid-techno grinders, each showing off different facets of his detailed and powerful sound. Scalameriya is the artistic name of the contemporary producer and Genesa Records label owner from Kragujevac (Serbia) Nikola Grebović.

This EP is unlike every other linear techno stuff. Using very unorthodox rhythms, but still going as hard as ever, 'Kepslok EP" could easily be described as an amazing 4x4 diesel-powered raging acid-techno package which somewhat mimics the sound of 90's hard-techno but uses the contemporary break-beat twist to keep industrial techno unexpectantly fresh. We knew it was going to be loud and hard. Kepslok means Caps Lock in Serbo-Croatian which is a smart derivative for shouting."

Scalameriya - KepslokThe opener and title track of the said EP relies on heavily jagged electro riffs. The high-octane arithmetic of it is somewhat a mystery to the listener as it's got that breakbeat drive. 'Annex No.3' consists of a devastatingly heavy pummeling rave-techno metallic percussion Perc Traxx is renowned for. It just perfectly fits the bill. 'Geargrind' is a jabbing electro-industrial fusion that switches from 4/4 kicks to broken electro rhythms with ease. Lovely panning and glitchy sounds overlaying the percussions round the EP perfectly and just make the listener want to rave mindlessly.


By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018