Scienceofuse is a new electronic music label from Ljubljana and its purpose is to transmit futuristic frequencies by using the science of creation to transcend perceived limitations. Connecting the advances in our culture and technology with the important teachings of visionaries that came before us, rejecting the blind fetishization of technology and focusing on lessons learned in the process of creation itself.

The label’s first release, ‘Responsible Design’ by veteran DJ and expert knob-twiddler known as Electronic Badminton King (E. B. King for short) is an acid-tinged affair with a darkish early nineties electro vibe on the A-side, while the flip delivers an abrasive technoid banger coupled with a deeper floating acid cut. They’re launching their label on the 18th May at Pritličje (Ljubljana), where The King returns to the wheels of steel together with his fellow selectors Vuka and Tha Disko Don!  

Owner and co-founder of Scienceofuse label are Jakob Bekš and Stefan Cerjak, both born and bred in Ljubljana. Jakob currently lives and works in Berlin and Stefan performs and creates his music by the name of Dulash der DJ. His next live performance will take place in Zagreb for the CYCLE event on the 21st May. 

By Marko, edited on 30 May 2018