SEBO K: "Nobody wants to take a risk anymore."

Reflecting on 15 years as a producer, Sebo K has an admirable discography but recent years have been particularly exciting. The German producer’s continual rise includes recent releases on Bass Culture, Robsoul Recordings and Tsuba. Having cemented a reputation for consistently quality house music, Sebo K’s debut on Rekids exhibits a refreshing sound from the established artist.

Hi, Sebo! Thanks for taking your time to do this short interview with us. Can you tell our readers what to expect from your debut album on REKIDS label?

It's a mini album including 7 tracks. I went into different directions like ambient, breakbeat or electro. But there are also tracks with straight beats on it. I would say the connection between those tracks is a quite moody, spacey and has an overall cinematic vibe.

You are known for your classic, percussive house based groove, although this album sounds a bit different. Where did you find inspiration for these tracks?

When I started to produce music I produced lots of different stuff: hip-hop, house, broken beats and even some music for advertising spots. In recent years I focussed mainly on house and techno but I realized that it bores me to limit myself to only one sound. So from time to time, I worked on some material that went in another direction, which was refreshing and inspiring for me, before continuing to work on some house productions again afterwards. It works kind of like a reset button for me to get new ideas and inspiration.

Many artists consider creating an album to be a milestone in their musical career. What are your thoughts about that?

Actually I never really considered to do an album because I always thought my own expectations would be too high like I would need to have big vocal features, a symphonic orchestra or whatever involved. I would probably never be satisfied. But then after some time making of tracks that went in a different direction, I realized at one point that I had a collection of tracks which could totally work as an album. I never had any plans with those tracks when I did them so it came very naturally. The album happened kind of by accident and without any pressure, which is also the reason why it is only 7 tracks. I was hesitating to add more tracks but then I decided to keep the selection as it came so naturally.

Your career has been through many cultural transitions of electronic music. What is your view for the future of classic ‘Chicago/Detroit’ fuelled house music and electronic music in general? Where do you see yourself in all this ‘’mess'?

I think it's sad that the whole electronic music industry turns more and more into a big business, even for the so-called "underground". The fees of the big players are getting more and more absurd and the pressure for promoters and clubs is getting higher and higher. Nobody wants to take a risk anymore, that's why the line-ups on most festivals and in bigger clubs are everywhere the same. the business aspect is killing the variety and the quality of music in most clubs in my eyes.

Sebo K - Patience LP

Echoing notes and ethereal chords usher in "Paradigm Change" as breakbeats join a moody bassline for the release’s opening cut. Picking up the pace, rattling percussion, ghostly pads and sci-fi inspired synths to make up "Xhale", whilst syncopated drums and eerie atmospherics see Sebo edge more towards electro in ‘Transitions’. Breaks make a welcome return in "Restless (Darkness Mix)", a suspenseful track complete with ominous synths and elements of rave, contrasting to the otherworldly and futuristic aesthetic of "Eyes Wide Open".

Amongst the seven tracks are two instrumental numbers called "Messier 78" and "Atlantis", which feature twinkling melodies and serene strings to add a cinematic touch to the overall package.

The LP will be available from 3rd November onwards and you can already pre-order it via Beatport HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018