Short interview with Alex.Do about influences, techno and production

Alex.Do, one of the youngest Dystopian associates, an enthusiastic music lover, a DJ and a producer, born in the year of the reunification on the German grounds, at the time when Berlin's wall fell. It stands as a perfect metaphor and a symbol, for the meeting of two forces, two trends which are reflected in the life of the artist at the every step.

Influenced by the Dark Wave of the 80's and acts like Boards of Canada, Alex reflects the meeting of two trends in his personality and productions: a melancholic, introverted side and a lot of pulsating and electrifying mood changes. One of his biggest influences is also infamous club Berghain, which he says is responsible for much of his early clubbing education together with his techno family Dystopian. Nowadays he uses all of those experiences to fearlessly exercise his taste in long sets around the world - where you might hear anything from Phase, Dj Hell, Carl Craig, Donayo Dozzy, Baikal, Recondite, Plastikman, Aphex Twin, Monolake or the latest techno bangers that he finds during the week.

Latest tour schedule quickly reveals places like Bassiani in Georgia, Drugstore in Belgrade, Berlin's finest About Blank and Berghain/Panorama Bar, Munich's MMA, one of high praised European festivals Nuits Sonores, CircoLoco Ibiza, Dystopian's Sonar OFF Week showcase, headline event with Recondite or an Afterlife experience. All of that puts him firmly on the radar of international techno circuit, but he definitely doesn't shy away from playing a DJ set with a broader range of music. Like he puts it himself: "At some point I realized that I just limit myself when I think in terms of genres. So now I just play what I like and make the most from it".

His production output seems paced and balanced between a few digital and vinyl EP's, remixes and compilation appearances. Always moving in between harder techno tracks with a trippy, ambient and noise attitude - released by his techno family Dystopian, and his more melodic, house leaning, melancholic and low key music such as an EP on Recondite's Plangent records '007', remix of Howling's Phases on Innervisions or a remix for Mind Against on Afterlife Records. Lately he's been involved in a production and a first live set experience of a soundtrack of the movie Symphony of Now, that was musically curated by Frank Wiedemann (of duo Âme).

But at the end it doesn't really matter if its one of his rare podcasts, a precise atmospheric techno track with a Detroit and dub twist, a vinyl release on PlangentBerlin's Boiler Room or a long dance floor experience, because it's a package of all those things that will prove you he's worthy of your full attention.

Hey Alex, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions prior to your gig at Klub K4 here in Ljubljana. So.. What have you been up to lately?

I was busy and yet relaxed. At the moment my weeks basically look like: touring, producing music, going through promos and meeting friends.

What is your current source of inspiration while making or playing music?

I guess it's the same since ever: my surrounding. I'm getting influenced by my everyday life. What I see, listen to and experience reflects in my music. Doesen't matter if it comes to production or DJing.

It’s safe to say you played all around the world. Do you consider yourself foremost a producer or a DJ? What was the on club night that you played in the last year and you still can’t stop thinking about it?

Both DJing and production is equally important to me. I haven't played Berghain for a longer time and it was simply fantastic to come back to their booth this January. 

You mention that Berghain was one of your biggest influences at the start of your career, are you still a regular visitor when you’re not playing? 

Actually I'm not that regular guest there any more as I simply just want to relax when I come home from the tour. Of course, every now and then it happens that you can find me there.

Best late afternoon dance in Berlin these days?

://about blank or Berghain.

Festivals or open-air parties can be a completely different experience than club nights. Which festival really surprised you with the energy?

Playing at Fusion Festival comes to my mind.

Nowadays you mostly produce and play techno, but you don't shy away from playing a spontaneous and diverse house set, how many times do you do that these days?

I don't count these, at some point I realized that I just limit myself when I think in terms of genres. So now I just play what I like and make the most from it.

You've been involved in the new movie Symphony Of Now with Frank Wiedemann as the curator of the soundtrack..

It was an amazing experience, I was really happy to make it and learned a lot of new things.

You've also performed the soundtrack in the live concert which was also your first live gig. What did you take from it?

A good preparation is damn important!

We haven't touched the studio yet. Are you still an analogue freak? How much of the production process happens on the gear and on the computer? 

I try to use the best of both worlds. Most of my sounds come from analogue sources and are recorded, processed and sequences in the DAW.

Do you show your music to your family?

Yes, I definitely show them some of my music.

Are you familiar with any Slovenian (electronic) music or artists?

I'm not really familiar with the country nor the culture. Also it's my first visit of the country and I'm really looking forward to discover a - for me - new part of the world.

By Blaz, edited on 30 August 2018