SOICHI TERADA - Japan's House Music Pioneer

Japanese 'Toco Toco TV' is a short-documentary series following Japanese creators, musicians, composers and other artists. In this particular episode, we get to know one of Japan's electronic music pioneers, Soichi Terada. He began releasing records in the late 1980s, DJing in a nightclub called P. Picasso. After graduating, Soichi formed electronic music record label Far East Recordingwhich led to remixing for artists such as Nami Shimada and Akiko Kanazawa. Together with Akiko, he formed a musical group Omodaka.

His charming deep house sound reached European market with 'Sounds From The Far East' album released on the iconic Dutch record label Rush Hour. Soichi Terada also contributed his musical work to various video games. His first video game soundtrack was the 'Wangan Trial' in 1998. A year later, he began a 7 game 'crusade', composing the soundtrack for the Ape Escape series of PlayStation video games which are considered to be one of the most significant titles on the PlayStation console.

Soichi Terada is an intriguing character, living an eventful keep in mind, the man is 52! Pretty impressive. If you are curious about his music and latest news, check out his website

By Matic, edited on 30 May 2018