SOLVD CONNCTD: Fifth Speaker Announcement!

Ljubljana’s local festival Urbano Dejanje will be celebrating its second birthday in less than two weeks. After last year’s success, the organisers wanted to go a little bit bigger, sharper, but at the same time staying true to their roots. The festival will start on 8th August and will last for a whole week, ’till the 14th August at Tobačna district, where ZOO club is located. The concept involves different musical genres, each dedicated to a different day of the week. We are hosting our very first conference there, which we named CONNCTD. We invited some local and international industry professionals, artists, label and music managers to speak about their experiences. It’s time to announce our fifth, and therefore, the last speaker.

Uroš Veber is a Slovenian based multi-versatile person, who combines music with activistic purposes. He’s an active part of the music sphere in Slovenia. As a part of the label rx:tx, he focuses on presenting our local artists to listeners and labels from abroad. He’s also coordinator at the Projekt Atol, a member of the Kino Šiška’s board as a presenter of Asociacija, a Slovenian society of non-government organisations and independent artists in culture and art. He's also an ex program leader at Ljubljana’s cult club K4, and more. The label rx:tx has it’s own history with focusing on electronic music. It’s designed to provide a platform and distribution network for fresh artists from all over the world, with a specific focus on artists from Slovenia and the broader region. But since the crew had changed a bit, and added Uroš Veber and Borja Močnik to their team, they’ve taken a different approach with the genre, by focusing on instrumental hip-hop, modern bass lines and exploring with various electronic waves.

Rx:tx releases its music on vinyls and also on digital services. Rx:tx collaborates with artists and labels whose music they like, and whose music activism they appreciate and support. Uroš is also a program coordinator at the Project Atol, underneath which the label rx:tx spread its roots. The project Atol is a non-profit cultural institution, founded in 1992, by Slovene conceptual and new media artist Marko Peljhan. Its activities range from art production to scientific research and technological prototype development and production. Their aim, among technological production is also to support art and cultural activities in the atmosphere, in orbit, and beyond.

He’s also a member of Asociacija, a Slovenian society of non-government organisations and independent artists in culture and art. It was created in 1992, as a professional coordination of hundred organisations and individuals and the improvement of their rights as independent artists. As their representative, Uroš is present at the Kino Šiška’s (Ljubljana’s centre of urban culture) board. He was also a program leader at Slovenia’s biggest alternative club, Klub K4. And on top of that, he’s an active organiser, planner and attendee at many political-critical-alternative-cultural events or debates. It’s gonna be a pleasure to listen to his experiences. UROŠ VEBER: RX:TX // ATOL

By Severin, edited on 29 May 2018