SOLVD CONNCTD: Moderator Announcement!

Ljubljana’s local festival Urbano Dejanje will be celebrating its second birthday in less than two weeks. After last year’s success, the organisers wanted to go a little bit bigger, sharper, but at the same time staying true to their roots. The festival will start on 8th August and will last for a whole week, ’till the 14th August at Tobačna district, where ZOO club is located. The concept involves different musical genres, each dedicated to a different day of the week. We are hosting our very first conference there, which we named CONNCTD. We invited some local and international industry professionals, artists, label and music managers to speak about their experiences. NOW it’s time to announce our sixth guest, the one person who will hold this conference together. We wanted someone who can facilitate, help speakers express their opinions, cut off people who are hogging the floor (when was the last time you saw this done when it needed to be?) and call bullshit on occasion.

Moderators are the key to a successful conference session and need to be prepared with tough questions, the questions everyone in the audience wants to ask or have asked for them, who has done some research or have experience in the field, and who will instigate when necessary to keep the debate lively, but get out of the way if the conversation is going well. Klemen is the most experienced man we could think of and are delighted to have him on board.

Klemen Bucan started his career in show-business with an important role in a Slovenian black comedy film called "Tu Pa Tam". He's got 10 years of performing under his belt and has done more than 500 stand-up performances throughout Slovenia. He's had appearances in Croatia and Bosnia, due to his easiness on the microphone, which has made Klemen integral part of all kinds of events. He's been working on radio for 5 years, but this year marked his TV debut on POP TV where he runs the very attractive show called Bitka Parov. Klemen Bucan is also very passionate about music and knows his way around the decks. During these years he's clocked up quite a number of appearances and played in the most elite clubs in Slovenia. He is a member of LOSE CONTROL crew and is also the founder and resident DJ of the event Buchanologija where he merges stand up comedy and electronic music under one roof. In 2014 he started a new event brand called "Welcome To My House!" which hosted events in the largest club in Ljubljana - Cirkus, where he'd hosted numerous local DJs and stars from abroad such as James Zabiela, Kaiserdisco, Lea Dobricic, Lemon, Dosem, Alex Ranerro and many more.

By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018