SOLVD CONNCTD: Second Speaker Announcement!

Ljubljana’s local festival Urbano Dejanje will be celebrating its second birthday in less than two weeks. After last year’s success, the organizers wanted to go a little bit bigger, sharper, but at the same time staying true to their roots. The festival will start on 8th August and will last for a whole week, ’till the 14th August at Tobačna district, where ZOO club is located. The concept involves different musical genres, each dedicated to a different day of the week. We are hosting our very first conference there, which we named CONNCTD. We invited some local and international industry professionals, artists, label and music managers to speak about their experiences. It’s time to announce our second guest speaker.

Nina Hudej is a Slovenian DJ and producer, a program leader of Metelkova's club Monokel, and of a relatively new spot Pritličje. She is anything but new in electronic waters. Her style, divided between deep, dark, minimalistic techno sounds, grows by her current state of mind. Her recent album Disclaimer Null, published by a Slovenian record label Kamizdat, is a statement of a new wave of electronics, that focuses on its message and is removed from a happy-just-go-dancing spectre. Its minimalistic and repetitive sounds are a pointer of an industrial era and something dark behind it. When listening, one is reminded of Laibach. You can listen to Nina's latest album here.

Being an only female co-speaker on our event, there's no way around the fact that her music or dance music in general can't be divided with its political statement. What was brought to my attention when reading a review about her recent album, got me thinking. Are women in this society still facing the fact that it's still not suitable to be a DJ if you're a woman? I think Nina would have a better answer for that, so let's just wait for a debate on our conference. Other than that, a political statement of doing something that unpredictable in her new album, due to the fact of swimming in deep and minimal waters in the past, is kind of a reflection of her thoughts about our situation.

Other than a producer and a DJ, Nina is also a program leader at an LGBT based club Monokel at Metelkova, that focuses on presenting female techno and tech house DJ's to Ljubljana's crowd. She's also a member of a organization called Female's'cream, which among focusing on organizing socially critical events, combines and presents female producers, writers, DJ's, artists, and women of all kind. In 2013 she was one of the top 12 female techno producers (with Jennifer Cardini, Joyce Munitz, Ida Engberg, Camea, Paula Tepel, Dasha Rush and others), according to the English music magazine Vibe.

She's a part of a relatively new successful project Pritličje, a cafe/club/activistic place in Ljubljana, focused on presenting live alternative electronic acts. Her professional efforts include collaborations with a variety of teams, as well as a number of foreign releases. Nina's newest project is a musical live act Warrego Valles, with the singer Nina Belle and flautist Asja GraufWarrego Valles are three sonic psychonauts. The double exposure of dusk and dawn is the sound of slow and elusive waters, their depths, droplets of mist and hope of a better world that never dies. A kind of a multi-layered experimental electronic set. Their first album is in the mix, but check them on SoundCloud anyway!


By Severin, edited on 13 June 2018