SOLVD: SolvdMag's monthly residency in K4

SOLVD residency nights at Klub k4 have become a regular thing of slovenian capital city clubbing. After hosting international guests from Serbia, Croatia, Mexico, France, UK, and Italy, it's time to do a solvd night with local DJs and residents only. We are back to k4 this saturday - April 21st.

April's canvas will be painted exclusively in the domestic paint. As always, the main dance floor is dedicated to our triangular  SOLVD artists who will combine the latitudes of their diversities and thematically blend them together whilst finding the red thread.

One of the many great reasons for the night's versatile theme are our residents. An essential component to all of our SOLVD nights.

Alex Ranerro has a very varied production style. He is constantly evolving his musical vision and expanding his musical mindset. His music shares a constant: groovy, deep and jackin' with a scent of that four on the floor feel-good vibe. Evident is a representative of the younger generation whose sound builds artistic and melancholic atmospheres in which emotion is its most outstanding hallmark. It's all about the way he stacks his loops into an emotion-filled story. Christian Kroupa is an outstanding exponent of the Dark Ambient sound who is always lurking, always searching for new experimentations, innovations and sound possibilities.

We also love to host DJs and artist who prove their artistic worth as producers, selectors or as exceptional DJs. That is why the smaller dance floor will take on two underground stallions.

Ian F. rocking a boat party at SONUS festival in Croatia where he will also be playing this year. (photo source: SONUS Festival)[/caption] Ian F. is certainly not a musician who brags about his achievements. He is a modest but very skilled selector with a smooth eclectic flow who prefers to express himself through the colorful tones of his music. Music represents a true palette of feelings for him. And he’d been painting and coloring the dancefloors all over Europe professionally for more than a decade.

Barely in his 20’s, Moare ventured his musical journey in 2011. Since then record digging, collecting and playing was his number one choice. His taste repeatedly fills the space between those who live for melody and rhythm as he bends the darker and lighter shades of music and wraps both in a full package. His style is youthful, unique and compulsive.

Both are distinguished by a rich vinyl collection that intertwines between the old and new wave of house music, electro, techno, and IDM. Delivering music which will fill the frequency ranges, intended for maximum dance pleasures for the longer periods of time.

RSVP on the Facebook page of the event. See you on the dancefloor.

By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018