SolvdCast 002: Coeus

SolvdCast by , released 25. May 2016.
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Nemanja Petković, better known as ‘Coeus’, is a Serbian based DJ and Producer who’s quickly earning his place within today’s thriving dance scene. His first release was just a little more than a year ago on the massive Simma Black label and with further releases on labels such as Simma Red and Domino Effect, he soon got support from some of the biggest names in house music such as Low Steppa, Sam Divine, Riva Starr, Josh Butler and many more. He caught our attention with his club based music which is full of jackin’ grooves that are nicely combined with funky basslines and proper raw 909 hats.
His sound lays somewhere between garage and tech and his innovation will surely continue to push the boundaries of dance music into the future while preserving the roots of the underground.

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018