SolvdCast 005: ADAMM

SolvdCast by , released 11. July 2016.
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With our fifth SolvdCast we return to Slovenia, changing the pace from easy house vibes to dark and hard techno pounding. Adam Mulalić comes from a small town called Kamnik, just a few kilometers north of Ljubljana. His passion for music gave him a push to test himself in its production and the basics he got from his own experimentation were enough for him to enroll and graduate at the Institute and Academy of multimedia (IAM) in Ljubljana, where he expanded his horizons in the pursuit of his dreams.

With his mates he formed a collective called Illusion Art and they built and set up their own studio and started to work on a more professional level. They produced numerous tracks and a hip-hop album, but they later decided to go their separate ways. His creativity enabled him to start his own production, mostly drum ‘n’ bass and techno, and he also started organising and performing at his own series of events called Kung Fu Techno, which have been taking place in the old Rog factory for a couple of years. 

he set he prepared for us is filled with pumping rhythms, strong and heavy kicks and loads of electronic melodies, that’ll make you vibrate on a different frequency.


  1. Charles Fencer – District Two
  2. Cleric – Blitz
  3. Dimitri Motofunk & George Libe – Back In The Day (George Makrakis Remix)
  4. Johannes Heil – By Night (Part Two)
  5. Gary Beck – Gaada Stack (Original Mix)
  6. Keith Carnal – Immer (Original Mix)
  7. Roman Poncet – Atome II
  8. Nastia Reigel – Figures in Brine
  9. Cleric – Charlatan (Original Mix)
  10. Recondite – Cleric
  11. Keith Carnal – Untold
  12. The Advent & Industrialyzer – Complex Data (Original Mix)
  13. Alex Bau – Sidestep (spektre remix)
  14. Pfirter – The Dub Track (Len Faki Remix)
  15. Bjarki – I Wanna Go Bang
  16. Cleric – Patteron One (Len Faki Version)
  17. Len Faki – BTX1
  18. Benjamin Damage – Cosmonaut
  19. Cleric – 2nd Limit
  20. MOTOR feat Billie Ray Martin – Hyper Lust (Pfirter Remix)
  21. Ian Pooley – Celtic Cross (Len Faki Remix)
  22. DJ 3000 – Take Me Away (Truncate Remix)
  23. Truncate – Drum Trax
  24. Maan – Jackin Pt 2
  25. Truncate – Untitled B2
  26. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Shifted Remix)
  27. Slam – Functional (Original Mix)
  28. TWR72 – One
  29. Spartaque – Dolphin Revenge (D-Unity Remix)
  30. Johannes Heil – Heiliger Bimm Bamm (Space Djz Remix)
  31. Heiko Laux – Fernweh (Ray Kajioka remix)


By Marko, edited on 14 June 2018