SolvdCast 006: Evident

SolvdCast by Evident, released 20. July 2016.
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Evident or simply Blaz Perus, discovered music production when he was only 16 years old. His curiosity and passion for music drove him to explore all aspects and genres within it. In 2012 he played his debut set at the Innocent Music showcase in Ljubljana, on a very special day for him, a lucky Friday the 13th.
Since then, he’s been playing at various venues in Slovenia, including the Rog factory, Klub K4, Zoo, as well as some memorable gigs abroad. He introduced himself to the Serbian crowd in Belgrade’s club 20/44, and he has played at Sound City Festival in Liverpool. Recently he started performing under the new alias Evident, where he had a couple of successful releases and has just released a remix for Azamat on Moscow’s Slowdance.
Beside all the interests that occupy him, he’s currently working on a movie soundtrack, producing a ton of new music and loves to point out that he’s always exploring the space between dance floors, bedrooms and nature. 
1. Heiko Laux - Savannah
3. Nima Gorji - Clapping
4. Cubismo (Rebreanu remix)
5. Conforce - Depth Over Distance
6. Musumeci - Terminus
7. Eduardo De La Calle - Orange
8. Palmer - Takin’ Off (Giom Dark Dub)
9. Space Coast - El Mensaje (The Noodleman Remix)
10. Luca Distefano - Remember (Jitzu Sire G remix)
11. Round Three feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Acting Crazy (Club Vocal mix)
12. Manuel Tur - About to Fall
13. Almeeva - Bells
14. Urban Musique - Plain Lies
15. Ian Pooley - Cold Wait (Bicep Dub)
16. Urban Musique, Phila - Forward (Deep Sen's Future Mix)
By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018