SolvdCast: 015 by Steffen Deux

SolvdCast by Steffen Deux, released 07. December 2016.
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We're happy to announce you our next guest for our regular series of exclusive SolvdCast's - Steffen Deux! We already wrote a thing or two about him, when we reviewed one of his latest releases on 8bit recordsSteffen has been producing and performing for quite some time now, but only recently managed to brought his career to a higher level. Regular releases on labels such as 8bit, Knee Deep In Sound, Do Not Sleep,... and continuous support from superstar Dj's, gave him opportunity to play on some of the biggest festivals such as Sonus; Croatia and Time Warp; Germany. Steffen's SolvdCast mix is a live set from his this year's performance at Time Warp festival in Mannheim. Because of that, you can enjoy an extra hour of finest house and tech house music from Steffen Deux. 

By Saša, edited on 11 June 2018