SolvdCast: 021 by ACKT

SolvdCast by ACKT, released 02. March 2017.
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Our next guests for the exclusive series of SolvdCast's comes from Northern Europe. R.MA, Nicke and Juardo are the Swedish based collective called ACKT which is focused on underground electronic music scene. As DJ's they strive towards presenting pumping funky grooves and electrifying the crowd with their energetic and dynamic performances. They try to stand out with their production and selection which is full of rhythm and soul. Recently, they've also launched same titled label that promotes quality house and techno content. We've invited them to record a guest mix so enjoy an our of smooth vibes from Swedish trio ACKT.


1. Livio & Roby - Capsule 2. Sit - Hallo 3. Grant Dell - Good Music A Play 4. Loquace - Bouzouk 5. Boske - De Vorba Cu Ea (Incolor Remix) 6. Rozzo - The Powers That Be 7. Seb Zito - Bread Bin Bro 8. Malin Genie - Propter 9. Unknown - Untitled 10. Varhat - Ban 11. Jerome.C - Right Here (iO Mulen Remix) 12. Antony Colanardi - Distanta In Timp (Andreas Bergmann Remix)

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018