SolvdCast: 028 by Trustless

SolvdCast by Trustless, released 19. October 2017.
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Steppi stands behind Trustless moniker with a mellow, organic and melodic temper, and as co-founder of music platform/label, Nie Wieder Schlafen - which he shaped together with help of fellow DJs ama:ru and angaro. As a label, they strive for creating a community with positive values, away from the idolization of Dj’s while also believing that DJ booth should co-exist with the crowd on the same level and promote a real connection between individuals. Looking back, his musical path started early with piano lessons and continued when his brother introduced him to the world of clubbings and discos. An early fascination with Daft Punk, Vitalic, Mr. Oizo and alike only grew and influenced him to dig deeper. Nowadays he prefers quality slow & melodic electronic music, based on emotions, drama and storytelling. He's a DJ, works as a label A&R & manages online presence and we're happy to have him with us on SolvdCast number 28th!

By Blaz, edited on 13 June 2018