SolvdCast: 030 by Rockaforte

SolvdCast by Rockaforte, released 04. December 2017.
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Luca Olivotto is a producer and DJ mostly known under his Rockaforte alias. Hailing from Italian alpine region near the Austrian border, he's one of many that started the path with piano lessons and continued with playing guitar in various punk-rock bands. Fast forward a few years and you can find Luca in Berlin, making waves with a very well known flavor of deep, smooth and melodic combination of tech-house & techno. With an extended catalog of releases on labels such as Armada, Endless Music, Indiana Tones, Milk & Sugar, Nurvous he shows no way of stopping his statement: Music must not be only a noise, but also a way to dream.

By Blaz, edited on 11 June 2018