SolvdCast 34 by Nevena Jeremic

SolvdCast by Nevena Jeremic, released 09. September 2018.
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Belgrade based Nevena Jeremic is one of younger and also newest DJs with a growing profile, who foster a great love for electronic music and want to share their passion with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s minimal, acid house, electro, downtempo or techno, she combines it into a real experience depending on the mood, ambient, atmosphere and people. Since she took on a path of a DJ she got a chance to play nearby clubs such as Klub 20/44, Tunnel, Tube, Monsun, Secer and big stages at events such as Exit Festival, LoveFest and Central Dance Event. For SolvdCast she recorded a mix that was heavily influenced by experiences of the summer. It's slower than our usual dance floor mix, full of organic and eclectic sounds, it's either downtempo, slowed down house, international beats, acid, psychedelic dubs or various ethnic sound - but if it's something - it's a perfect and almost two hours long soundtrack for the last summer nights.

By Blaz, edited on 09 September 2018