SolvdCast 042 - Aron Volta

SolvdCast by Aron Volta, released 11. February 2021.
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Aron Volta came crashing into awareness from relative anonymity in 2019 when he became one of the bestselling deep house artists seemingly overnight. Leading up to this moment were stellar releases on Blind Vision, Madtech, and Pusher Records.

PIV frontman Prunk and label manager Chris Stussy gave the Northern Dutch producer a platform after being blown away by his demo. In the year that followed, Aron Volta became an oracle to many of the PIV artists and even worked as an engineer on some of the music. He recently released his first sample package which was out via PIV and you can find it HERE. The Dutchman prepared an exclusive one hour mix of tasty house groovers.

By Saša, edited on 11 February 2021