SolvdMag 1 year anniversary with PHIL WEEKS

Another month has nearly passed since our last SOLVD party in Klub K4 and it's time to get ready for our biggest event so far. We are celebrating 1 year anniversary with our lovely magazine and we've thought long and hard who it was we wanted to invite to make it as special as we can. Our events are house driven and we are all in our mid twenties. So it didn't make much sense to invite an (older) old-school maestro with 25+ years of experience in music industry and in life as we just didn't feel like we could connect as well as with someone who is younger and has energy levels much closer to ours. And we immediately knew we wanted to meet and party with Phil Weeks.


A true lover of house music, Phil Weeks’ DJ career started 10 years ago. With skills comparable to the best and crowd-pleasing track selectionit's clear this event will be something special.

"Hello, I’m Phil Weeks, and I’ve been doing beats since 1996. I started Robsoul Recordings in 2000 and I’ve been doing music full time since 2002."

Phil is a very unique character. It's not just the music he makes, it's much more than that. Never met the guy, but seeing his energy just in the videos he makes, or recorded sets it's evident he radiates pure happiness. He is a young-at-heart dj but his mixing is old school Chicago house flavor with a nu-school French flare going from the deepest house to the techiest. His production sounds like it could have been released in the 90’s partly because he uses the same gear: 808’s, 909’s, 606’s, even vintage keys. He prefers vinyl, likes his mixes dirty, and knows how to rock a crowd with a heavy hitting bass line. Phil Weeks is a house purist dedicated to bringing the world only proper house music with his Djing, his producing and his label, Robsoul Recordings.


Is the new single from the French producer. After publishing a series of tracks on his own label, Robsoul, Phil Weeks returns with a new single. As usual it comes to liven up the dance floors with a touch of sensuality and seduction. Stick & Move delivers an intimate, warm and melodic sound, which is able to conquer in a nimble fashion thanks to a subtle but contagious percussive line and a keyboard line which at times assumes the absolute leading role. In almost 7 minutes, Weeks proves why he is considered one of the most relevant names of French house.

All of you guys who were at our last SOLVD party surely know how it went down. We are proud to see how well Alex Ranerro and Evident work together to create memorable stories with their different musical tastes. The boys were both busy grafting in their own studios for the last couple of months. A lot of their original music you could already hear in their previous mixes at our events, but this time it will be different. Evident will play live to present his debut album 'Mysteries We Don't Have Time To Think About'. And Alex is never short of delivering something unique, so if you hear something you like amidst his set, guess what - it's probably his own production.

Listen to Evident as he presents his album on Slovenian national radioshow RH 202.

You can also listen and DOWNLOAD Alex Ranerro's recent track 'Paradise' for free.

Dejvid is a Slovenian dj, producer, label owner, vinyl addict, but most of all a music lover. His musical path began at the early age with him raiding his uncles vinyl collection and being introduced to artists like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Miha Kralj and Laza Ristovski. All this influences can be heard in his musical production even today as his works can be heard on the labels such as his own imprint Kanja Records, Deep Tech Records, Draft LTD and Act Natural to name a few. Throughout the years he was often supported and played by the giants such as Butch and John Digweed, but he appreciates more the support from the less known underground artists.

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018