SolvdMag goes to Hideout Festival

For the 7th year in a row, Zrće beach hosted one of the most popular events in Eastern Europe. Hideout Festival once again successfully brought more than 13.000 people to the Pag Island which is located on the beautiful Adriatic coast in Croatia. Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian, Hot Since 82, Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers, Eats Everything, Hector Couto, Skream are just some of the names that were performing at the event. SolvdMag visited the site during these five days to bring you exclusive view on the Festival.

Monday: Intro

It was Monday morning when our team started the five-hour journey from Slovenian capital city Ljubljana and all the way to Pag Island. Since it was our first sea trip of the year, we decided to take the beautiful seaside road. A ferry ride to the Island was short but it was also the indicator that we almost arrived at the scene of happening. After we sorted out our press accreditations, we've slowly continued this trip towards our final destination. We first visited Zrće nearly ten years ago so it's almost incredible to see how this small heaven on earth is expanding, adding new bars, food stands and tobacco shops each year. We'll write about this on some other occasion. After parties started at 3 pm at all clubs across the beach - Papaya, Noa, Kalypso, Euphoria & Aquarius. The partygoers were able to cruise from club to club and listen to music from artists such as Theo Kottis, Toni Varga, Bastian Bux, Ressless, People Get Real and others. The special highlight was definitely Kalypso club which hosted ElRow crew and their "Rowlympic games" throughout the whole Festival. While daylight happening was quite an introduction, it's was the night time that brought intensity to a whole new level. Doorly, Cera Alba, Jack Swift, Icarus, Devstar are just some of the DJ's that showed their skills spreading from Noa till Kalypso.

Tuesday: Papaya

On hot and sunny Tuesday we've had a privilege listening to Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Richie Ahmed and Robert Jones at the after party. With groovy house beats, tribal sounds and old-school melodies, they've proved us why they are at the top of tech house scene. The dance floor was packed with mostly English fans which were going crazy and so did the Papaya's floor. Later on, we skipped a beat and checked out the Rocks club which is a newer, smaller venue at the end of Noa. Our friends from Vibra hosted their events through all week, with resident DJ's Full Ferry and Flaneur that definitely felt the Hideout vibe.

Wednesday: Kalypso, Papaya, and Noa

Unfortunately, the bad weather on Wednesday cancelled all the boat parties which should've host Steve Lawler, Skream, Denney, Darius Syrossian and others. Instead of listening Viva Warrior's boss Steve Lawler on the boat, we headed down to Kalypso where he was joined by Paco Osuna & Toni Varga. The scenery was stunning, colourful and almost magical like the Elrow parties always are. After that, we went to packed Papaya where we've listened the Martinez Brothers which were later on joined by Tiga. They filled up our spirits with uplifting beats which made everyone dance. As we got home, we took a shower, had a quick snack, switched our clothes and drove back to Zrće for round two.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, the rain caught us which made us ran through the whole beach looking for a shelter. Since most of the clubs are open-air venues, we decided to look for a dry spot under the trees in Kalypso, which happened to be at the very end of the shore. Even though there was slightly raining, it was music from Andres Campo, Jasper James, Solardo and Toni Varga that kept us smiling. We decided to end this roller-coaster night in super packed Noa with Martinez Brothers & Marco Carola. The club is located on the water which makes the whole experience a lot better.

Thursday: Aquarius

Thursday afternoon was reserved for press duties which ended up with a lovely interview with UK artist GotSome. Our next destination was Aquarius with its Do Not Sleep pool party. Darius Syrossian was joined by Spanish maestro Hector Couto and we quickly settled into party vibe. It was one of those perfect moments with hot weather, superb music and who knows how many cocktail drinks. The idea was that we would moved slowly towards Papaya where Hot Since 82 did his magic, but somehow clock beat us. If we didn't catch him playing by day, we got lucky a couple of hours later when a night settled down. Hot Since 82 set the tone of the night very quickly and that made the job easier for Steve Lawler which was later joined by Darius Syrossian. The last hour of their b2b set will surely go down as one of the highlights of this year's edition.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay there on Friday as well, since we had to pack our bags and travel back to Slovenia to attend another event. These four days proved us why Hideout Festival is one of the biggest and best events in this part of Europe. Despite the fact that lineup was smartly curated, and that the landscape is almost unreal, it's the atmosphere and positive energy that shines through and droves smiles on everyone's faces.

We'll definitely be visiting Hideout next year, with a even bigger eager to party!

By Severin, edited on 29 May 2018