SolvdMag prescribes: MAGNETIK FESTIVAL

The Magnetik Music crew has returned. A lovely pocket festival we've seen grow from the very beginning has now put together their third installment. The festival resides within the magical Amphitheatre in Limberk (Griže) surrounded by trees - under the stars.

If you are uncertain how to spend your Saturday, they are sure to provide the positive and spectacular energy aligned with amazing local performers inside a creative hub that is the amphitheater itself. Come and join us at the Magnetik festival, where the music meets the universe.

See the last year's Magnetik festival recap video.

Through ages, Limberk’s Amphitheatre hosted various events, but nothing quite like an electronic music festival. With no interests in upgrading this cultural gem, the place was deserted and forgotten by most. But last year, the Magnetik crew got an idea. They’ve decided to use the Roman masterpiece for their one-day festival, where you can hang, participate in different activities and most importantly, listen to good music all day long.

This year's headliner VOMEE is a project by Italian Gianluca De Girolamo, who aims to meld melodic elements into electro and techno beats. The result of his work is a melting pot of various influences and styles, providing the audience with a mesmerizing and never predictable sound.

Accompanied by Mobo, Brlee, Crocy, Chamae, Dean Deen, Robert Lauerto, Deyco, Silver J, Blasch, Luke Sampller, Ticko, Jasha and many others on two stages during the day and also after the festival has ended. At the organized after party.

The event starts at 10.00, ends at 04.00. The after party is organized so that's that. For more info regarding tickets, age restrictions and other details one might need to know prior the party, head to the event page.

Last year the Magnetik crew invited SolvdMag to participate at their festival. See what went down in the video below.

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018