SolvdMag presents SOLVD with Christian Kroupa

After a cold month of dissipated euphory and nothing but vast emptiness and days of no sunshine we're finally back. This time around we're showcasing you local talents from nearby villages but with extremely metropolitan musical spirit. In the hollows of the Klub K4 we will party with Christian Kroupa, who continues the trend of excellent musical editions and deftly navigates in groundwater genres of house, techno, dub and all of their more experimental versions. 


Hailing from the sleepy town of Logatec, Slovenia, this is exactly what happened to Christian in the summer of 2008, while hanging at a drum and bass party, with no idea he was about to enter an unexplored pathway. Since then, he proved his skills and innovation as a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy, performing on different stages (like Sónar in Barcelona or EMAF in Tokyo) aswell as performing on the Radio Študent’s Club Marathon tour. He is currently working on new experimental, ambient music but also keeping an eye on house and techno music, making appearances on the legendary R&S records and Fabric 90 mix with his alter ego, Alleged Witches.

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To help us break into the most festive of vibes as well as take care of superb demolition of interior walls oo the main floor we've once again put in charge our residents Alex Ranerro and Evident.

Evident is an electronic musician interested in fusing space appropriate sounds of electronica, house and techno while djing or playing live. Known for ranking moods over genres he is sure to set a great mood of the club and take you on a journey Blaz Perus is much like the spice you cannot cook without and therefore essential to all of our events.

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Alex Ranerro is known for his versatility in style. He is and artist constantly renovating his sound and never truly content. Some of his own productions go way deeper, others are more targeted at the peak time, but there is a constant to all of them; he interprates them so well in the main room. Another go-to DJ we cannot do without.

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018